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It begin in 1996 when we started to introduce and distributing pre-insulated alumunium duct system in Indonesia, our first aim is to provide an option in air duct system other that traditional sheet metal, since that time we have developed and grew to the point that we need our own brand in order to achieve what we aim in the first place so we create TD for our flag. Now TD is manufactured by PT. Kreasi Tata Udara was start its own production in 2004 to join the global market of pre-insulated aluminium duct system, it was the first in Indonesia and has been the preferred one since that.

Our panel and accessories production facilities complete with test laboratory located in Tangerang Indonesia extend on a surface of 3.800 square meter area with two production lines that can produce up to 220.000 square meter per month, after produce the panels will be stock in two warehouse of 1.800 square meter.

Indonesian market that continuously develop is carefully maintain by our distributors and dealers, this market is provide us the support for exporting to more than 17 countries in the world. Today we have a global distributor located in New South Wales Australia, Selangor Malaysia,Tehran Iran and Bangkok Thailand each distributor have warehouse and network to distribute in their own country.


TD Flexible Aluminium Duct

TD Flexible Duct is a high standard flexible duct recommended to be used in air conditioning system and ventilation system. TD Flexible Duct is made up of 2 layer aluminium core, which consists of mechanical spring wire helix. The core is later wrapped in glass wool with a density of 24 or 16 Kg/m held  Read more

TD Pre-Insulated Aluminium Duct

TD Pre-Insulated Aluminium Duct is specialized in the air distribution fields and the answer to economical, technical, and constructive question. Many different material and system such as composite, PVC, etc. had been developed as an alternative to the galvanized sheet metal used traditionally. TD Insulated Aluminium Duct is the solution. It is a sandwich panel  Read more


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