TD – Pre Insulated Aluminium Duct

TD – Pre Insulated Aluminium Duct is a sandwich panel composed of a layer based from good fire retardant rigid     polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam coating both side with aluminium foil. The aluminium is especially coated with anti bacterial coating and guarantees sturdines and withstands corrosion. TD – Pre Insulated Aluminium Duct has 3 varieties : 1.  Read more

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TD Duct Accesories

IFO-0120 : Invisible Flange (4m) TC-0130 : Tee Connector SB-F20/3 : “F” Section Bar Alumunium (4m) TC-0130 : Tee Connector Flange (4m) SB-C20/3 : Chair Section Bar Aluminium (4m) BJ-001 : Ball Joint Damper (pcs) SD-01 : Shaped Disc Alumunium (pcs) CA-0120 : Covering Angle (pcs) RF-01/4  : Reinforcement (4m) BY-01 : Bayonet (4m) ZC-001  Read more

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TD Flexible Duct

TD Flexible Duct – is a fire resistant ALUMINIUM flexible duct for air conditioning system that use ALUMINIUM core with rust proof steel wire insulated with high quality glass-wool 32-16kg/m3 and cover by a strong double layer of glass-cloth and ALUMINIUM fire resistant sleeve. It is easy to transport and inventory. Every flexible duct is  Read more

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TD Fan and Air Curtain

TD Fan and Air Curtain – TD fans and Air Curtains is imported from one of the leading manufacturer of ventilating products in China. The factory  is well known for its creativity of implementing new tecnology, the advanced producing method and equipment ensure its product has high quality. It has advanced air dynamic testing centre,  Read more

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