TD Duct Accesories

IFO-0120 : Invisible Flange (4m)
TC-0130 : Tee Connector
SB-F20/3 : “F” Section Bar Alumunium (4m)
TC-0130 : Tee Connector Flange (4m)
SB-C20/3 : Chair Section Bar Aluminium (4m)
BJ-001 : Ball Joint Damper (pcs)
SD-01 : Shaped Disc Alumunium (pcs)
CA-0120 : Covering Angle (pcs)
RF-01/4  : Reinforcement (4m)
BY-01 : Bayonet (4m)
ZC-001 : Zinc Coated (pcs)
AT-001 : Alumunium Tape (roll)
GL-01 : TD Glue (11 kg) – This special glue has been specifially formulated to obtain perfect adhesion on TD pre-Insulated Allumunium Duct panel foam
SL-01 : Sealant Neutral (white color) – Special sealant (Neutral-Non Corrosive) to ensure air quality inside duct and prevent air leakage




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